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Buying Show is a Buyer’s Super Assistant

Large selection of brands and product categories in one place

Our network enables buyers to discover and connect with many brands from all over the world

Easy ordering with all information and assistance whenever needed

Buyers can place pre-orders or re-orders at any time and have regular updates on new products and offers from their brands.

Your customized reports for better business decisions

Buyers’ usually have very limited time to make ordering reports. Buying Show supports buyers on demand.

Retail business can be very profitable

Retailers can have many options when buying

You are a buyer and have the options to decide what, where, when and how you want to buy. With a larger selection of your potential suppliers and their product offers with different prices and terms, you decide how your business should perform. Buying Show brings you a variaty of brands and products that you can choose from. Brands offer you different products, collections, special offers and terms. You are a “KING” and you have many options. You can plan your buying much better and have all information you need before making your final decision.

Buying can be done faster, better and cheaper

Buying Show brings you a large selection of brands and products. You can check available products at any time from any place. You can place the order immediately and have products in your store in only a few days. You can make the best selection of products for new seasons and actively communicate your selection to your customers in a beautiful digital format. Your customers can be informed about your selection and already give you valuable feedback. You don’t have to travel to every show or showroom to make a selection. You can make a selection from your store or from your holiday destination and have more time for you!

You don't have to have liquidity issues and missed opportunities

Buying Show, with its partners, offers you special custom made purchase financing services, which can help you in your seasonal purchase. If your supplier can not give you longer payment terms, you can get our support. If you have unsold inventory at the end of a season, we can assist you with our features and solve your liquidity issues by re-selling your inventories to our partner outlets.

One Place

Large selection of brands at one place


The best opportunities with great support

24 / 7

Ordering at any time any where.

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