About Us


BuyingShow is a Fashioning Group Company.

BuyingShow was created to improve the ordering process of the fashion industry. 


BuyingShow was launched in early 2016 when was introduced to thousands of brands and hundreds of thousands of retailers all across the World. BuyingShow is a Fashioning Group Company. BuyingShow assists leading fashion brands and retailers in their daily ordering process.

Fashioning Group is a leading fashion distributor in North America. Fashioning Group runs business from New York City, Miami and Los Angeles. BuyingShow is a technological arm of the Group which provides virtual ordering solution and makes the business more efficient and competitive. Fashioning Group proudly invests in several street advanced contemporary brands and their talented founders who make fashion industry more disrupted with new trends and ideas.

BUYINGSHOW ° the fashion deal marketplace
BUYINGSHOW ° the fashion deal marketplace


We are open to speak to every brand and retailer, but we want to work only with those who can meet our requirements. Our requirements are: appealing brand with a tech savvy knowledge and high quality retailers with a full engagement in virtual ordering process.


Better services with digital tools making business more efficient and staying closer to the customers.

Fashioning Group originally established in 1996 and added BuyingShow in business in early 2016.

Millions of transactions every year.

Offices in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Dublin.

Created to make better ordering process and bring benefits to brands and retailers.

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