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Improve your business and efficiency

*Advance payment, 1 year commitment required

Yes. For each additional brand you sign up you will get a discount. Starting at 10% discount for the 2nd brand and up to 50% on the 6th brand. In case that you opt for monthly payment, the above fees are increased by 20%.

We support payment through bank transfer, credit card and PayPal.

Yes. all our plans require a minimum 1 year commitment.

Yes, we guarantee sales of €20,000.00 per year per brand. If the sales are not reached we will proportionally refund your payment.

For example, in case your brand’s total sales on Buying Show during the year are only €10,000.00, you will receive a 50% refund. In case you have more than one brand, this refund will be based on the average price that you paid per brand.

  1. Minimum new 100SKU every 6 months after joining the platform
  2. Minimum 10 units per SKU/size (if sizing exists in the product) or 30 units per SKU if product has no size
  3. Provide their products on the Buying Show platform at a 30% discount vs the standard wholesale price
  4. Provide EAN or UPC codes for all products uploaded to the Buying Show platform
  5. Agree to block stocks of uploaded products as required by Buying Show or its partners
  6. Have an EU VAT number

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